Medicaid Report Card

In statehouses across the country, policymakers are facing difficult budget decisions. To fill historic deficits, many are resorting to severe cuts in Medicaid benefits or provider rates that undermine access to needed health care for America's most vulnerable families

But there is a better way to save money on Medicaid. All state Medicaid delivery systems and payment methodologies suffer from inefficiencies that add needlessly to the costs of the program and sometimes even harm patient care. By tackling these wasteful practices, policymakers can achieve needed savings while maintaining or even improving patient care. This webtool identifies four policies that do just that. For each policy, this tool provides a concise summary of the evidence for cost-savings and quality-improvement, and identifies which states have and have not yet enacted it.

Get started by clicking on your state to see which of these policies your state has already passed, and which could still be enacted to reduce Medicaid costs while maintaining or improving patient care. For more information on:

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