We Must Speak Out Against Xenophobia and Racist Attacks

The deliberate use of racist terms and language that promote stigma, fear and discrimination against people of Asian heritage is appalling. We condemn racist and xenophobic attacks on Asian American communities and people from Asian nations.

Advocate’s Guide To: The Health Care Repeal Lawsuit

On Dec. 18, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in the Health Care Repeal Lawsuit, threatening health coverage for millions of people across the U.S. Use this guide as a comprehensive explainer on the case, the decision and next steps.

Healthy Investments: Leveraging Health Plan Capital for Affordable Housing and Community Development

This issue brief, produced with support from the Kresge Foundation, lays out the case for health plans making investments to increase the availability of safe and affordable housing and community development.

Service Disrupted: Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Falling Short for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The problems of MLTSS programs for people with IDD have caused states to rethink managed care as the model for IDD service system reform. In this report, we examine programs in eight states and offer a set of best-practice recommendations.

Policy Brief: Congressional Action on Surprise Medical Bills

Over the past three months congressional committees have convened meetings, collected input from stakeholders and introduced several bills.

2019 Federal Policy Agenda

This document outlines the five priority areas that we see at the core of health justice work. Under each priority, we outline our federal agenda for 2019-2020.

Leveraging the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for Substance Use Prevention to Improve Young People's Lives

This resource explains how key activities and requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act can be used to expand substance use prevention and early intervention services in schools and offers specific advocacy strategies to advance this work.

Policy Principles to Guide Health Care’s Role in Social Interventions

This document lays out 10 principles to guide efforts in the health care sphere to address the social and economic determinants of poor health in ways that elevate and support patients and communities -- critical to achieving health justice.

Addressing Trauma and Children’s Mental Health through Child Psychiatry Access Programs: An Introductory Guide for State Health Advocates

This new resource provides an introduction to child psychiatry access programs and makes some recommendations on how state advocates can start or strengthen programs in their state.

State Efforts to Implement the Free Care Policy Reversal

States and school districts see expanding school-based Medicaid programs as an opportunity to bring in additional resources to increase access to health services for vulnerable students.

Addressing ACEs through Trauma-Informed Health Systems: Practitioner and Practice Level Strategies

Research shows that traumatic events, like parental substance misuse or violence within their home or community, can have lifelong impacts on a child’s mental and physical health.

The Advocate's Guide To: Reinsurance

Reinsurance has emerged as a popular option to lower premiums for those ineligible for federal subsidies, finding bipartisan footing in red and blue states alike, as well as support from the past and current presidential administrations.

Best Practices for White-Led Organizations to Promote Health Equity and Racial Justice In Health Advocacy

The best practices compiled in this toolkit are from a series of health equity-themed learning community calls facilitated by Community Catalyst with guidance from people of color-led organizations.

National Dental Therapy Standards Consortium Opening Message

An introduction to the National Model Practice Act and accompanying report from Dr. Caswell Evans.

National Dental Therapy Standards Consortium

National Model Practice Act and accompanying report provides states and tribal governments the information needed to create standards and systems for the dental therapy profession that are built on the evidence and experience of existing programs.