State Initiatives to Expand Coverage and Access to Care for Undocumented Immigrants

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: Opportunities for Advocates

This toolkit offers resources and strategies for advocates to make consumers aware of the ARPA investments in affordable coverage and in the community infrastructure.

Expand School-Based Behavioral Health Services

As students return to class in the context of COVID-19, schools must be prepared to address the increased need for behavioral health services.

Make Coverage Affordable for the Long Term

The American Rescue Plan's enhancements are critical to help individuals and families’ secure health access during the pandemic and are a needed correction to the ACA subsidy scale and must be made permanent.

Being Incarcerated Should Not Be a COVID Death Sentence: Renewed Push Needed to Release People Early from Prisons and Vaccinate Those Still Incarcerated

This fact sheet explains the need to release people from prisons to stem the spread of COVID-19, the push to prioritize the vaccination of incarcerated people, and recommendations that will save lives.

Top Legislative Priorities: 2021-22

For the first time in over ten years, Congress has an opportunity to build on the foundation created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Community Catalyst 2021-22 legislative priorities reflect this unique moment.

Making Convenient Care the Right Care for All: Improving State Oversight of Urgent Care Centers and Retail Health Clinics

This brief looks at oversight of "convenient care" clinics and considers whether they are serving a fair share of low-income or uninsured consumers and are providing an appropriate array of services, including urgent reproductive and sexual health care.

Leveraging Funds: Tools, Insights and Suggestions from Advocates and Funders to Support Your Work and Long(er)-Term Sustainability

This collection of Leveraging Funds tools offers insights and suggestions from both advocates who successfully used Health Justice Fund (HJF) grants to secure matching funds for their work as well as an interview with a Georgia funder.

Legislative Advocacy During COVID-19

This toolkit offers state examples of best practices around legislative advocacy during COVID-19.

The American Rescue Plan: A Prescription for Child Health and Stability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The American Rescue Plan includes key provisions that will reduce child poverty in America and promote health through evidence-based solutions that respond to the current crisis and move our country forward to economic, racial, and social justice.

Protect Consumers from Medical Debt

Especially during a pandemic, when people’s care-seeking behavior affects not just themselves, but also their loved ones, co-workers and community, we must remove all barriers to accessing health care.

Press Release Distribution Guide

Media relations is critical to getting noticed by reporters and getting your news in front of the right audience. This toolkit can serve as a guide when developing a media outreach strategy.

Digital Channels Overview: Strategies, Tactics and Advertising Costs

A two-page guide for advocates covering high-level strategies and tactics for popular social and digital media channels, including advertising capabilities.

Policy Priorities: Unfinished Business

Second in a three-part policy series focused on actions the Biden-Harris administration must take to promote health equity.

Community Benefit and Economic Development

This fact sheet compares how “community benefit” is typically used in the economic development and healthcare contexts.