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ALERT: Serving Those Who've Served this Fourth of July

As we head into the Fourth of July weekend, lets step up our efforts to secure high quality, affordable heath care for those who've served our country. Check out these resources.

Prioritizing Health Equity & Racial Justice: Now is the Moment to Close the Coverage Gap for All

As of May 2021, 38 states have closed the coverage gap. Research on the effects of expansion in these states has demonstrated the benefits of closing the gap.

Make Coverage Affordable for the Long Term

The American Rescue Plan's enhancements are critical to help individuals and families’ secure health access during the pandemic and are a needed correction to the ACA subsidy scale and must be made permanent.

ALERT: Speak up NOW on the state of health care

Tomorrow night’s state of the union marks the first time President Biden will speak to Congress. Our job is to remind the Biden administration and policymakers that health care is central to infrastructure – and the time to be bold is now.

Top Legislative Priorities: 2021-22

For the first time in over ten years, Congress has an opportunity to build on the foundation created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Community Catalyst 2021-22 legislative priorities reflect this unique moment.

ALERT: Celebrating 11 years of the Affordable Care Act

The endurance of the ACA for over a decade is a testament to the strength of our collective efforts in the never-ending fight for progress.

Strengthening our Response: A Series to Inform an Equitable Policy Response [ Publication ]

Community Catalyst Comment Letter to HHS on the 2019 Benefit and Payment Parameter Proposed Rule

Community Catalyst’s comments to the annual proposed changes to federal rules relating to the marketplaces and the Affordable Care Act’s insurance market reforms.

Network Adequacy Campaign Guide

This campaign planning guide provides state advocates with a tool to plan their network adequacy campaigns to encompass state-specific strategies and political context. Advocates might use this tool at any stage in their network adequacy campaign.

Case Study: State Consumer Health Advocates Ensure that Provider Directories are an Accurate and Useful Tools for Georgians

This case study examines how Georgians for a Healthy Future (GHF) led the consumer advocacy effort to pass one of the nation’s strongest provider directory bills aimed at helping consumers more easily shop for and navigate their health plans.

Oral Health in the New Health Care Reality Fact Sheet

This fact sheet discusses the importance of Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in providing dental coverage and oral health services.

Asking the Right Questions to avoid Churn

This tip sheet provides enrollment specialists an additional tool to use to when helping consumers apply for or re-enroll in health coverage and avoid churn.

Health Insurance Churn: The Basics

This fact sheet provides basic information of health insurance churn including common factors that cause churn and its health impacts on consumers.

Community Catalyst Comment Letter to CMS on the 2018 Benefit and Payment Parameters

Our comments to the 2018 Benefit and Payment Parameter proposed rules. CMS releases these rules annually noting all of the changes the agency intends to implement as they relate to the marketplaces and the health insurance market reforms generally.

Fact Sheet on Safe Harbor and Repayment Caps

This fact sheet addresses frequent questions that consumer may have when they receive more in tax credits than they were supposed to, and when they must repay some or all of these credits on their taxes.

Model State Parity Legislation Information Sheet

Background information about the federal parity law and information about how to request a version of the model state parity legislation customized for your state.

Summary of Model State Parity Legislation

A section by section overview of the model state parity legislation with explanations about why each component of the law is important.

Model State Parity Legislation

This model legislation would strengthen state enforcement of federal parity law and improve state parity laws.

Health Market Consolidation

As detailed in this policy brief, the preponderance of the evidence indicates that the race for market consolidation — both in private payer and provider markets — has a real effect on consumer prices and overall health care costs.

Qualified Health Plan Certification Advocacy: Essential Health Benefits Checklist

This EHB checklist is a tool that advocates can use during the Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Certification period or even year-round to raise common issues with state regulators and/or to incorporate in their QHP monitoring strategy.