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ALERT: Turn Up The Pressure on Build Back Better

It is time to dial up the pressure on Build Back Better. We’ve provided a full toolkit below.

ALERT: Prepare for Passage: Build Back Better Health Advocacy Tools

As we continue to push the Senate to take up the Build Back Better Act in the coming weeks, we need to be ready to celebrate the enormous investments this bill will make in the health of our families and communities.

Community Catalyst memo to Senate Finance Committee on Improving Access to Services for Substance Use Disorders and Mental Illness

In response to a request for information, Community Catalyst offered both reach goals and specific bipartisan policy recommendations on ways to transform services to meet people’s needs.

ALERT: Tell Congress to Build Back Better Health Care

Take action to pass the Build Back Better agenda.


These new and updated tools can help you raise your voice and amplify the need for Congress to act now.

Community Catalyst comment letter on Massachusetts 1115 Waiver Request to extend Medicaid behavioral health benefits to incarcerated individuals

Community Catalyst submitted comments regarding behavioral health coverage to Massachusetts officials on their request for extension of a Section 1115 waiver, including a provision to extend MassHealth (Medicaid) benefits to incarcerated individuals.

The American Rescue Plan Act: Organizing Opportunities

This toolkit illustrates how advocates can leverage American Rescue Plan Act funds to spur transformative change and address the unique needs of communities.

Community Catalyst comment letter to to the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s

Community Catalyst responds to the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s (ONDCP) Request for Information: Application of Equity in U.S. National Drug Control Policy.

Community Catalyst comment letter to the Child and Adult Core Set Review Workgroup on the group's proposed Core Set changes

Comments to a federal workgroup on revised Medicaid Care Quality Measures for adults and children.

Peers Speak Out: Priority Outcomes for Substance Use Treatment and Services

In this first national examination of treatment and recovery services outcomes prioritized by people with substance use disorders, nearly 900 people from across the country shared what matters most to them.

ALERT: Help Us Celebrate Medicaid's 56th Birthday!

Check out our Medicaid Birthday toolkit!

Tapping COVID Relief Funds to Improve Youth Behavioral Health

This resource offers advocates information about directing funding streams, decision makers on a state and local level, and advocacy strategies to influence them.

Make Coverage Affordable for the Long Term

The American Rescue Plan's enhancements are critical to help individuals and families’ secure health access during the pandemic and are a needed correction to the ACA subsidy scale and must be made permanent.

Expand School-Based Behavioral Health Services

As students return to class in the context of COVID-19, schools must be prepared to address the increased need for behavioral health services.

Being Incarcerated Should Not Be a COVID Death Sentence: Renewed Push Needed to Release People Early from Prisons and Vaccinate Those Still Incarcerated

This fact sheet explains the need to release people from prisons to stem the spread of COVID-19, the push to prioritize the vaccination of incarcerated people, and recommendations that will save lives.

ALERT: Speak up NOW on the state of health care

Tomorrow night’s state of the union marks the first time President Biden will speak to Congress. Our job is to remind the Biden administration and policymakers that health care is central to infrastructure – and the time to be bold is now.

ALERT: COVID Relief Money is Coming, Make Your Voice Heard

The funding coming into your state first and foremost must be responsive to the needs of people and communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

ALERT: Celebrating 11 years of the Affordable Care Act

The endurance of the ACA for over a decade is a testament to the strength of our collective efforts in the never-ending fight for progress.

ALERT: Speak out for expanded services for addiction and mental illness

We have a short window to make significant progress through this legislation on health care issues that matter to people with substance use disorders and/or mental illness, who have greater risk of COVID-19 and still face many barriers to care.

Peers Speak Out: Improving Substance Use Treatment Outcomes During COVID-19

With funding from PCORI, Community Catalyst is partnering with Faces & Voices of Recovery and the American Society of Addiction Medicine to increase the voices of people with substance use challenges and people in recovery.