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ALERT: Tell Congress to Build Back Better Health Care

Take action to pass the Build Back Better agenda.

Community Catalyst Comment Letter to HHS Secretary Becerra from State and Local Partners in Southern States

In this letter, our partners urge Secretary Becerra to take action to ensure that uninsured patients know about the availability of the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program.

The American Rescue Plan Act: Organizing Opportunities

This toolkit illustrates how advocates can leverage American Rescue Plan Act funds to spur transformative change and address the unique needs of communities.

Congress Can Remove Barriers Immigrants Face in Accessing Health Care

Immigrants must wait 5 years before they can enroll in federally funded programs, such as Medicaid and CHIP. Here's how Congress can remove this barrier for lawfully present immigrants.

Community Catalyst joins 200+ Organizations in Calling on Congress to Center Birth Justice

Letter to Congress urging them to include maternal health and birth justice priorities in next recovery package.

ALERT: Help Us Celebrate Medicaid's 56th Birthday!

Check out our Medicaid Birthday toolkit!

Make Coverage Affordable for the Long Term

The American Rescue Plan's enhancements are critical to help individuals and families’ secure health access during the pandemic and are a needed correction to the ACA subsidy scale and must be made permanent.

ALERT: Speak up NOW on the state of health care

Tomorrow night’s state of the union marks the first time President Biden will speak to Congress. Our job is to remind the Biden administration and policymakers that health care is central to infrastructure – and the time to be bold is now.

ALERT: COVID Relief Money is Coming, Make Your Voice Heard

The funding coming into your state first and foremost must be responsive to the needs of people and communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

ALERT: Celebrating 11 years of the Affordable Care Act

The endurance of the ACA for over a decade is a testament to the strength of our collective efforts in the never-ending fight for progress.

Leveraging Funds: Tools, Insights and Suggestions from Advocates and Funders to Support Your Work and Long(er)-Term Sustainability

This collection of Leveraging Funds tools offers insights and suggestions from both advocates who successfully used Health Justice Fund (HJF) grants to secure matching funds for their work as well as an interview with a Georgia funder.

Engaging Veterans in Close the Gap Campaigns

Advocates have a unique opportunity to engage veterans in campaigns to close the Medicaid coverage gap. Fifty-four percent of uninsured veterans live in states that have chosen not to draw down federal funds to improve Medicaid coverage under the ACA.

Connecting Enrollment Assisters, Consumers and Coverage Gap Campaigns

This fact sheet provides an overview of how enrollment assisters can refer consumers to coverage gap campaigns while also complying with their required duties, including how to use and disclose personally identifiable information (PII).

Getting Ready for Open Enrollment

To support your efforts to inform consumers about their health coverage options and share success stories from their outreach, education and enrollment efforts, Community Catalyst and Spitfire Strategies have developed this communications toolkit.

Connecting Consumers to Coverage: Mobilizing for Enrollment

This report showcases the many successful strategies employed throughout the country by consumer health advocates and their partners.

Responding to Insurance Rates

Community Catalyst created this toolkit to support advocacy campaigns to strengthen review of premium rates.

Improving Network Adequacy: Ideas for Advocacy Strategies

This brief highlights important steps during the planning phase and ideas for advocacy strategies to help advocates in this work.

Talking Points for Educating Policymakers About Network Adequacy

These talking points will help explain the issue to policymakers and can be tailored to your state.

Finding Common Ground: Network Adequacy Principles

This document provides a set of network adequacy principles to unite consumer groups in their advocacy for network adequacy standards that ensure affordable access to the highest quality providers.

Network Adequacy: What Advocates Need to Know

This brief provides an overview of network adequacy requirements outlined in the ACA for qualified health plans (QHPs) and other standards in private insurance markets, Medicaid, and Medicare.