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Toward Patient-Centered Oral Health: Improving Dental Care and Patient Experience Using “Minimally-Invasive” Care

MIC gives people the ability to talk about and decide what type of care is best for them.

ALERT: Tell Congress to Build Back Better Health Care

Take action to pass the Build Back Better agenda.


These new and updated tools can help you raise your voice and amplify the need for Congress to act now.

Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits: Improving Access for Tribal Populations

This brief expands on the intersection of Medicaid and tribal health and explores the current oral health status and barriers to care among tribal communities.

The American Rescue Plan Act: Organizing Opportunities

This toolkit illustrates how advocates can leverage American Rescue Plan Act funds to spur transformative change and address the unique needs of communities.

Community Catalyst comment letter to the Child and Adult Core Set Review Workgroup on the group's proposed Core Set changes

Comments to a federal workgroup on revised Medicaid Care Quality Measures for adults and children.

ALERT: Help Us Celebrate Medicaid's 56th Birthday!

Check out our Medicaid Birthday toolkit!

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Equity and Community Engagement in Statewide Oral Health Policy Advocacy: An Analysis of the Field and Recommendations for Improvement

Executive Summary for a research project Community Catalyst conducted in collaboration with the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health.

Equity and Community Engagement in Statewide Oral Health Policy Advocacy: An Analysis of the Field and Recommendations for Improvement

What can advocates, funders and community-based organizations (CBOs) do to improve the oral health communities suffering disproportionate harm from dental disease and related health complications? Learn more in this report!

Make Coverage Affordable for the Long Term

The American Rescue Plan's enhancements are critical to help individuals and families’ secure health access during the pandemic and are a needed correction to the ACA subsidy scale and must be made permanent.

ALERT: Speak up NOW on the state of health care

Tomorrow night’s state of the union marks the first time President Biden will speak to Congress. Our job is to remind the Biden administration and policymakers that health care is central to infrastructure – and the time to be bold is now.

Why Does Oral Health Matter?

Dental disease hurts more than our teeth. It’s tied to our overall health. Tooth decay can risk our physical, mental and economic wellbeing. It also strains state budgets.

Dental Therapy Advocacy: Community Engagement Guide

We are excited to share an advocacy resource on advancing community-centered oral health policy.

Lummi Tribal Health Clinic: Innovative Teledentistry and Access to Dental Care during COVID-19

As advocates across the country seek best practices for maintaining access to care during the COVID-19 pandemic, teledentistry offers one opportunity for maintaining access now and for expanding community-based dental care long-term.

Rooted in Oral Health Equity: A Webinar Series

Season 1 of this webinar series features expert speakers, including authors, advocates, and community voices to provide perspectives on current barriers to optimal oral health and community-based solutions that are having an impact across the country.

National Dental Therapy Standards Consortium Opening Message

An introduction to the National Model Practice Act and accompanying report from Dr. Caswell Evans.

National Dental Therapy Standards Consortium

National Model Practice Act and accompanying report provides states and tribal governments the information needed to create standards and systems for the dental therapy profession that are built on the evidence and experience of existing programs.

The New Public Charge Rule: A Threat to Families’ Oral Health

The public health programs being threatened by the proposed changes to the public charge rule are fundamental for protecting access to dental care and maintaining oral and overall health.

Oral Health Innovation: Opportunity and Risk, Medicaid Waivers and the Keys to Good Oral Health

This brief provides an overview of Medicaid 1115 waivers as one innovative approach to improving the oral health care delivery system and moving toward oral health equity.

Dental Therapists: Expanding Access to Oral Health Care

Some states are addressing many of the barriers listed in this fact sheet by authorizing the use of dental therapists as part of the dental team.