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Community Catalyst submits these comments in response to HHS and CMS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Letter in response to the proposed policy changes and fiscal year 2023 rates for Medicare Program and Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems for Acute Care Hospitals and the Long-Term Care Hospital Prospective Payment System

Curbing Medical Debt to Ensure Health and Economic Justice For LGBTQ+ People

While we know medical debt is the most common type of debt reported on consumer credit records, very little research has been conducted to understand how medical debt impacts LGBTQ+ people specifically.

Comment Letter discussing ways to strengthen patient protections under the No Surprises Act.

Community Catalyst and U.S. PIRG sent letter to Secretary Becerra, Secretary Yellen, Secretary Walsh, and Administrator Brooks-LaSure discussing ways to strengthen patient protections under the No Surprises Act.

Community Catalyst comment letter to the Federal Trade Commission in response to RFI on enforcement of antitrust laws in hospital mergers

Community Catalyst urges the Federal Trade Commission to consider impact of hospital consolidation on medical debt, access to care, and continuity of care.


Consulte esta tabla que resume los derechos de los pacientes bajo la Ley No Sorpresas, que evitaría que los pacientes reciban una factura médica sorpresa de un proveedor que no está en su red de seguro médico.

Summary of Patients' Rights Under The No Surprises Act and Its Related Final Rules

Check out this table which summarizes patients' rights under the No Surprises Act (NSA), which would prevent patients from receiving a surprise medical bill from a provider that is not in their health insurance network.

The Advocate’s Resource: Community Power Leading the Charge to Improve Community Economic Stability

The goal of this Advocate’s Resource is to equip advocates with important background information, lessons and strategies from successful campaigns to pass state-level policies that help mitigate the harm caused by medical debt.

Community Catalyst commenting on Requirements Related to Surprise Billing; Part II (CMS-9908-IFC)

Emphasizing the need to strengthen protections for uninsured patients through the NSA dispute resolution process.

Community Catalyst Comment Letter to HHS Secretary Becerra from State and Local Partners in Southern States

In this letter, our partners urge Secretary Becerra to take action to ensure that uninsured patients know about the availability of the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program.

Letter to CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Administrator on CMS-9909-IFC-Requirements Related to Surprise Billing; Part I

We offer comments on the above Interim Final Rule implementing the No Surprises Act to supplement other comments we have submitted: on June 30, 2021, in anticipation of federal rulemaking to implement the No Surprises Act.

The American Rescue Plan Act: Organizing Opportunities

This toolkit illustrates how advocates can leverage American Rescue Plan Act funds to spur transformative change and address the unique needs of communities.

Principios para Mejorar la Estabilidad Económica Comunitaria Mediante Políticas Hospitalarias

Conoce los 5 principios que los hospitales deberían seguir para promover la estabilidad económica en las comunidades a las que sirven.

Community Catalyst comment letter to HHS Secretary Becerra and CMS Administrator Brooks-LaSure

Comment letter related to the implementation of the No Surprises Act, including the standard notice and consent documents, the model disclosure notice, the complaints processes, and their supporting documents. Submitted August 12, 2021

Community Catalyst Letter to Secretaries Becerra, Yellen and Walsh on the No Surprises Act

Community Catalyst letter to Departments of Health & Human Services, Treasury, and Labor urging them to develop all solutions that aim to end surprise medical bills through a racial justice and health equity lens.

Video: States Act to Protect Consumers from Medical Debt [ Resource ]

Principles for Improving Community Economic Stability Through Hospital Billing Policies

Five principles to guide consumer advocacy efforts in campaigns to ensure that hospital policies promote economic security and preserve access to care for all.

State Initiatives to Expand Coverage and Access to Care for Undocumented Immigrants [ Publication ]

ALERT: Speak up NOW on the state of health care

Tomorrow night’s state of the union marks the first time President Biden will speak to Congress. Our job is to remind the Biden administration and policymakers that health care is central to infrastructure – and the time to be bold is now.

Top Legislative Priorities: 2021-22

For the first time in over ten years, Congress has an opportunity to build on the foundation created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Community Catalyst 2021-22 legislative priorities reflect this unique moment.

Medical Debt: By the Numbers

Check out our medical debt infographic.