June 2013 Issue

Spotlight Event

For The People: A Celebration of Health Care Leaders

Community Catalyst's Susan Sherry, Deputy Director, and Michael Miller, Director of Strategic Policy, were honored during Health Care for All Massachusetts’ annual event, For The People: A Celebration of Health Care Leaders. Michael and Susan have worked tirelessly at the state and federal levels, including working at Health Care For All, to advance quality, affordable health care for all and to ensure the consumer voice is heard in health care policy debates.

Photo Courtesy of Health Care for All

Spotlight Event

Substance Use Disorders 2013 Convening

Earlier this month, Community Catalyst hosted its first-ever substance use disorders convening to discuss how advocates can collaborate to help successfully implement the Affordable Care Act in their state. Attendees included consumer and addiction advocates from 11 states, national advocates, officials from the federal government and other distinguished guests.

Left to right: Tom Emswiler, Community Catalyst policy analyst; Neil Kaltenecker, Georgia Council on Substance Abuse; Laura Goodman,  Health Law Advocates; Katherine Howitt, Community Catalyst senior policy analyst

O N   T H E   W I R E

Jessica Curtis, Hospital Accountability Project director, told the Associated Press that hospitals continue to use unfair billing and debt collection practices, despite Affordable Care Act Provisions.

Jacquie Anderson has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Jacquie previously served as Director of State Advocacy. She has been with Community Catalyst for more than 15 years and brings more than 20 years of experience working with community organizations.

Community Catalyst released a report assessing the economic viability of midlevel dental providers. Midlevel dental providers practicing in Alaska and Minnesota cost their employers less than 30 percent of the revenue they generate.

The Prescription Access Litigation Project led a successful campaign urging the Supreme Court and Congress to end to pay-for-delay deals between brand name and generic drug manufacturers that prevent consumers from getting timely access to affordable prescription drugs.

Christine Barber, senior policy analyst, explained in The New York Times that given the high number of people unaware of their new health care options, advocates, providers and other stakeholders must work together to make enrollment a success.

In April the Community Catalyst Board and members of the staff joined together to celebrate the contributions of outgoing Board member and longtime supporter, Stephen Rosenfeld. Steve has been and continues to be a leading and powerful advocate for consumers in the health care reform movement.

In May, current Board member Wendy Warring and her husband Troyen Brennan hosted a fundraiser in their home in support of Community Catalyst. The event was a tremendous success and we are grateful to Wendy and Troy for their care and generosity.

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