Bad Bedside Manner: Bank Loans Signed in the Hospital Leave Patients Vulnerable | The Washington Post

Mark Rukavina, Community Catalyst Business Development Manager is quoted in a Washington Post article on the increasing number of hospitals offering patients bedside payment plans during their inpatient stay, often on a top-tier cost basis.

The Medicaid Work Requirements Could Make it Impossible to Qualify for Medicaid in Most States | The Nation

Our report on Medicaid work requirements is referenced in The Nation.

State tells hospitals to notify patients of charity care status | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Jessica Curtis, a senior adviser with Community Catalyst, talks to the Post-Gazette about a recent development on charity care in Pennsylvania.

South Ender Named Chief Program Officer | My South End writes about the promotion of Reena E. Singh to chief program officer.

People in Business: Dec. 29, 2017 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch announces Dara Taylor's promotion to director of diversity and inclusion at Community Catalyst.

Los Angeles Housing for Health Program Saves Public Funds | Nonprofit Quarterly

An article in NonProfit Quarterly on savings Los Angeles County realized by funding housing needs, cites the Nov. 29 Jama Forum post on health and housing co-authored by Community Catalyst Executive Director Rob Restuccia and Howard K. Koh, MD.

JAMA Forum: Housing as Health | The Journal of the American Medical Association

Community Catalyst Executive Director Rob Restuccia, MPA, and Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH, former Massachusetts commissioner of public health, co-authored a Nov. 29 post in JAMA Forum on the relationships between health and housing.

Why There Won't Be a Wave of Medicaid Ballot initiatives | Axios

Associate Director of Policy, Katherine Howitt, is quoted in an Axios article on the limited prospects for additional state ballot measures to expand Medicaid after the state of Maine voted to do so via state referendum.

Trump Administration Plan to Add Medicaid Work Requirement Stirs Fears | Kaiser Health News

Katherine Howitt, associate director of policy at the Community Catalyst, talks about how work requirements would be harmful to the Medicaid program.

Election Results Invigorate Medicaid Expansion Hopes | The New York Times

Associate Director of Policy, Katherine Howitt, is quoted in the New York Times after the state of Maine voted to expand Medicaid via statewide referendum.

Medical debt is crushing many Americans. States can help fix that | STAT News

Community Catalyst Senior Fellow John O'Brien co-authored an article in STAT outlining steps that states can take now to protect consumers from major medical debt, even as the administration seeks to repeal the financial protections the ACA provides.

Weakening the Affordable Care Act Will Boost Hospitals’ Financial Burden | STAT News

An article in STAT, co-authored by Marc Cohen, Ph.D., Research Director at the Center, examines how ongoing administration sabotage of the ACA is likely to increase the amount of uncompensated care hospitals will be burdened with.

ObamaCare groups: If Trump won’t, we will | The Hill

Dara Taylor, Director of Consumer Assistance at Community Catalyst, talks about filling the consumer assistance void the Trump administration has created.

Obamacare advocates face daunting outreach effort after HHS cuts

Community Catalyst Project Director, Dara Taylor, talks to Politico about the Trump administration's recent decision to slash funding for critical enrollment assistance and outreach.

CHIP provides health insurance to nearly 9 million kids. Its funding expires on Sept. 30.

Eva Marie Stahl, director of the Children’s Health Initiative at Community Catalyst, talks about the importance of the CHIP program.