Task force to review how hospitals put $$$ to use in community

Sue Sherry, deputy director, is quoted in a Lowell Sun article on how tax-exempt hospitals are executing their community benefit requirements in Massachusetts.

Ballooning bills: More U.S. hospitals pushing patients to pay before care

Jessica Curtis, a senior advisor at Community Catalyst, is quoted in this Reuters article on a recent trend where some hospitals are pushing people to pay before they are able to receive care.

‘Everybody knows somebody’: This state is a laboratory for the future of Alzheimer’s in America

Marc Cohen, research director for the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, is quoted in this STAT article talking about how Medicaid caps could negatively affect home- and community-based care.

Never Say Die: How State Health Funders Are Defending Obamacare

Rob Restuccia is quoted in this Inside Philanthropy article on how state health funders are critical in the fight to defend the ACA.

Consumer Groups Say GOP Healthcare Bill May Lead To Loss Of Coverage For Substance Abuse Treatment

Alice Dembner, program director at Community Catalyst, talks about the devastating impact that ACA repeal would have on people with substance use disorders.

8 Answers to Key Questions After the GOP Pulls Its ACA Replacement Plan

Michael Miller, strategic policy director at Community Catalyst, is quoted in Consumer Reports talking about what comes after the GOP Repeal Bill failed.

Florida lawmakers play role in sinking GOP's health care bill

Community Catalyst is referenced in this local story about the proposed GOP repeal bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

Providers prepare for potential tension on Congressional visits

McKnight's mentions the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation in a story about the dangerous impacts of Medicaid cuts folded into the American Health Care Act.

Medicaid cuts in GOP health bill could reduce services for elderly and disabled

Community Catalyst program director Alice Dembner is quoted talking about Medicaid cuts and the effect that they could have on our most vulneralble.

Taking a Scalpel to Medicaid

Associate Director of Policy Katherine Howitt talks about the dangers of per capita caps for Medicaid in The American Prospect.

A new survey to evaluate conflict of interest policies at academic medical centers

Panel Highlights Team Approaches to Patient-centered Primary Care

The Center's director, Ann Hwang, MD, is quoted in a piece by the American Academy of Family Physicians about providing person-centered care.

GOP Bill Could Spell End for Medicaid Expansion, Advocacy Groups Fear

Michael Miller, strategic policy director at Community Catalyst, is quoted in Bloomberg talking the GOP Health Care Repeal Bill and the impact that it would have on Medicaid Expansion.

St. Louis area providers aren't backing the GOP health care plan

The St. Louis Dispatch quoted the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation's consensus statement regarding ACA repeal and health innovation.

Healthcare leaders stress value of ACA's push for innovation

Fierce Healthcare covers the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation's event in D.C. featuring prominent health system leaders.