Prescription Reform

Community Catalyst is committed to reforming prescription drug policies and practices to ensure consumers have access to safe, affordable and appropriate drugs. Good prescription drug benefits are essential for quality health care. Yet aggressive industry marketing can lead to over-prescribing of unnecessary and expensive drugs, which exposes patients to greater risk, while also driving up costs for patients and taxpayers alike.

Community Catalyst is a leader in building broad collaborations around state and national prescription drug issues. We have developed model public and institutional policies, legal tools and campaign strategies that consumers, health plans, providers and other concerned groups have successfully deployed to make change. We seek to reduce conflicts of interest in medicine, promote evidence-based prescribing, lower prices and improve access and affordability for all patients. By fostering reforms at the state level and within institutions like medical schools and teaching hospitals, we have also created opportunities for broader change, whether in federal law or professional standards. 

Through our Prescription Access Litigation project, Community Catalyst also works with more than 130 organizations and consumer class action attorneys to challenge deceptive marketing and pricing practices that drive up costs and reduce access to affordable medications.

More information can be found on our Prescription Reform resources page and in Building a Case for Medicaid tool, a set of best practices that advocates can promote to lower costs and improve quality in Medicaid. Information to help consumers and consumer advocates choose affordable, effective prescription drugs is available here.

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