Outreach and Enrollment

On October 1 2013, the most sweeping provisions of the ACA went live as the health insurance Marketplaces began offering health coverage in all 50 states. Since then over 22 million Americans have gained health coverage, many for the first time. Now in 2016, the uninsured rate has reached a record low of 8.6 percent. This has been accomplished in large part due to the effective outreach and enrollment strategies conducted by consumer health advocates and enrollment assisters across the country. 

Community Catalyst’s outreach, education and enrollment work aims to coordinate efforts of diverse organizations and stakeholders to develop and implement state and locally-based outreach, enrollment and education campaigns to inform consumers of their health coverage options.

Community Catalyst supports state and local partners in developing and sustaining their outreach strategies to both enroll people and improve systems going forward. We work across programs to provide timely resources and communications support to partners for outreach, education and enrollment efforts. We also hold learning community calls and webinars focused on various topics such as message development and health insurance literacy. Additionally, we compile and share state partner-created outreach and enrollment materials to ensure best practices are being highlighted.

Other Community Catalyst outreach, education and enrollment related projects include:

The Expanding Coverage through Consumer Assistance Program (ECTCA) is part of the Missouri Foundation of Health’s Expanding Coverage Initiative, working to reduce the number of uninsured people in Missouri to less than 5 percent in five years. Community Catalyst’s St. Louis, MO office provides technical assistance to the 22 ECTCA grantees, who are members of the Cover Missouri Coalition. Community Catalyst staff ensures that grantees are compliant with federal and state Certified Application Counselor trainings and certifications, manages a learning community for cross sharing of information, and provides guidance on policy, outreach, and mobilization of consumers.

Community Catalyst, in partnership with NHeLP, created a private online community where people who are engaged in helping individuals enroll in health insurance can interact with each other. Members of the community communicate with other enrollment specialists across the country to share best practices, successes and lessons learned. They are able to ask questions and hear how other enrollment specialists have overcome similar challenges in a safe and protected environment that nurtures learning and information exchange.

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