Uncoordinated Care Leads to Medical Complications


Generally in good health, Geraldine Alshamy of North Carolina started experiencing severe headaches in 2007. Uninsured and without a primary care physician, she sought care at the emergency room. The lack of communication in the hospital led to a life threatening medical error.

While in the hospital, Alshamy informed the doctors of a prior condition called hypothyroidism. However, without keeping that information in mind, the doctors administered a medication that did not interact well with her condition and led to a heart attack.

The North Carolina Campaign for Better Care (CBC) helped Alshamy share her story to help people understand the consequences of uncoordinated health care. “People need quality care. Not just care,” she said. North Carolina CBC has been gathering and sharing stories as part of their efforts to ensure that health care is patient-centered and rooted in primary care.  

Learn more about the national effort to improve care coordination the Campaign for Better Care.


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