Pennsylvania Advocate Speaks Out

Denise Weis is acutely aware of the need to preserve safety-net programs like Medicaid and Medicare. Denise realized the importance of quality and coordinated care within the health care system while caring for her mother who suffers from congestive heart failure and Alzheimer's disease.

"I am more aware and concerned about the quality of health care because of the situation with my mother," said Denise. Without these programs, her mother would not be able to get the care she needs nor could she afford the medications that help maintain her health.

In April 2011, Denise completed a Lift Up Your Voice! advocacy training presented by the Pennsylvania CBC. Lift Up Your Voice! teaches people the basics of advocacy. In speaking about her role as an advocate, Denise stated there are no boundaries to what she can achieve: "I've done things that I've never dreamed I would do," she said. 

The Pennsylvania Campaign for Better Care has held trainings Lift Up Your Voice! trainings across the sate.

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