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Key Dates

Tuesday, July 21 (2:00–3:00PM Eastern) Webinar: Targeting Interventions for the Highest-Need, Highest-Cost Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees: Health Plan Approaches

The Center for Healthcare Strategies, with support from the Commonwealth Fund, will host a webinar on two plans’ approaches to identifying their highest-need, highest-cost Medicare-Medicaid enrollees and using targeted interventions to improve individual outcomes and quality of life. Speakers include representatives from Independent Care Health Plan (iCare) (Wisconsin) and Health Plan of San Mateo (California), both of which participate in PRIDE (Promoting Integrated Care for Dual Eligibles), a project to advance health plan strategies for providing high-quality and cost-effective care for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees.

Please register for the webinar.

Thursday, July 23 (2:00-3:00PM Eastern) Webinar: Training Consumers for Engagement: Developing a Curriculum that Empowers Members

This webinar, which is part of the Meaningful Member Engagement Series, will outline how to create a training curriculum that on-boards consumers and caregivers – no matter what their abilities, disabilities, strengths or weaknesses – to work together and be effective. The webinar will include real-life examples of training successes, as well as common challenges and solutions.

Webinar information can be found here. Registration to follow.



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