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State Highlights


The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) released the latest enrollment numbers for the Cal MediConnect dual demonstration project, showing 120,470 beneficiaries enrolled as of July 1. August and September pending enrollments are expected to add another 6,678 beneficiaries. DHCS has also provided a breakdown of opt-outs by language, ethnicity and race. Information is provided for Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Santa Clara counties.

In other news, DHCS will move forward with Cal MediConnect passive enrollment in Orange County beginning August 1, 2015. Enrollment in Orange County was delayed due to sanctions – which have now been lifted – against the only participating plan in the county, CalOptima. For residents in long-term care facilities, passive enrollment will not begin until November 1.


The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services posted the latest enrollment numbers for the Medicare Medicaid Alignment Initiative. As of June 2015, enrollment totaled 52,763 beneficiaries.


A One Care Implementation Council meeting will be held July 24 where the departure of Fallon Total Care from the One Care dual eligible demonstration project will be discussed.


The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services recently updated its enrollment dashboard for the Commonwealth Coordinated Care program, the state’s dual eligible demonstration project. As of July 4, 29,507 individuals are enrolled in the program. Forty-two percent – 28,208 beneficiaries – of the 66,469 eligible beneficiaries statewide, have opted out of the demonstration. According to the dashboard, beneficiaries who opted out in June either preferred traditional Medicaid (63 percent) or wanted to stay with a provider who was not participating in the demonstration (19 percent).

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