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Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Care

A report by the Association for Community Affiliated Plans, funded by a grant from the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions, provides four examples from across the country where health plans have sought to better integrate physical and behavioral health care. This is a critical issue for the dually eligible population who have a high percentage of both chronic physical and behavioral health problems. The  report profiles not-for-profit safety net health plans in Washington, Rhode Island, Indiana and the Hudson River Valley of New York that are using a variety of strategies to better integrate physical and behavioral health care.

Team-Based Healthcare: Forging Effective Partnerships with Patients

A paper from the Institute of Medicine explores how patients view their role in team-based health care and explains what is needed to foster effective partnerships between patients and health care providers to create high-functioning health care teams that meet patients’ needs. This is a critical issue for many dually eligible enrollees who typically see multiple providers for multiple conditions. Furthermore, the development of Interdisciplinary Care Teams is a critical component of the dual eligible demonstration projects. The paper discusses how to foster care-based teams in which providers work in concert with patients and family caregivers to achieve positive experiences and mutually-agreed upon outcomes.

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