Substance Use Disorders

Addiction is the most untreated disease in our nation. Twenty-three million Americans suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, but only a fraction get the treatment they need. Another 68 million Americans engage in risky use of alcohol or drugs that could lead to dependence or addiction. While the millions going without treatment are from all walks of life, substance use disorders (SUD) have especially dire consequences for those without insurance, with low incomes and who face discrimination because of their race or ethnicity. The cost in lives and in dollars is enormous.

Community Catalyst works to prevent addiction, expand access to quality treatment and help people return to healthy lives. The first step is helping to reframe society’s view of addiction from a moral failing to a treatable chronic disease. Our work comprises:

In the pursuit of these objectives, we bring together consumer advocates with addiction services providers, people in recovery, family and friends of those not yet in recovery, and other allies as a force for change. We also partner with national organizations, foundations, and state and federal officials. We engage in direct advocacy at the federal level, and we support the work of state advocates with funding and with assistance on policy strategy, organizing, messaging and coalition building.

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