State Consumer Health Advocacy Program

The State Consumer Health Advocacy Program works in more than 40 states to build consumer leadership and a strong, organized consumer voice to shape health policy at the federal, state and local levels. We develop effective state-based consumer advocacy networks and leverage their influence for multi-state and national impact. 

Building a strong consumer voice in health care decisions has never been more important as the Affordable Care Act is implemented throughout the country. The State Consumer Health Advocacy Program provides a broad range of support to enhance the capacity of state-based consumer advocates to bring the voice of their communities to shape health policy in local, state and federal government. 

Our expertise in state and federal policy and their intersection enables us to seize opportunities to identify emerging issues and take action at the level of government where it will make the most difference.

Community Catalyst provides support and coaching tailored to the unique circumstances of each organization and its state environment. Over the years, we have developed an impressive track record and method for working with low-income communities, and with state, local and regional partners in more than 40 states. Our work includes not just policy but a range of services to enhance competencies and make advocacy organizations and coalitions sustainable and successful. 

We do this by offering technical assistance in:

And by amplifying the consumer voice and investing in skill-building, we sustain a learning community of advocates from across the country. The Community Catalyst Learning Community helps advocates from share best practices, explore new ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.  

Projects based in the State Consumer Health Advocacy Program include:

Consumer Voices For Coverage, a joint initiative with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. CVC allows state-based consumer advocacy networks to bring the views of average people into discussions around coverage issues.

The Expanding Coverage through Consumer Assistance program (ECTCA) is part of the Missouri Foundation of Health’s Expanding Coverage Initiative, which is working to reduce the number of uninsured people in Missouri to less than 5 percent in five years. Community Catalyst’s St. Louis office provides technical assistance to the 17 ECTCA grantees, who are all active members of the Cover Missouri Coalition. Community Catalyst staff ensures that the grantees are compliant with federal and state Certified Application Counselor trainings and certifications, manages a learning community for cross sharing of information, and provides guidance on policy, outreach, and mobilization of consumers.

Community Catalyst's Southern Health Partners initiative, established in 2008, is a network of advocates from 12 Southern states working toward proactive state, regional, and national health care reform. 

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