Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship

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The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship (The Fellowship) is a new program dedicated to supporting the growth and reach of diverse advocacy organizations and their leadership teams situated at the intersection of health equity, racial justice, and organizational transformation. It honors the legacy and vision of Rob Restuccia, Community Catalyst’s longtime and founding executive director. 

At Community Catalyst, we have always believed that investing in community leadership is essential to progress. The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship is designed to deepen that commitment, with an emphasis on supporting organizations of color.

Program Overview and Objectives

The Fellowship's primary objective is to equip diverse teams within local, state, and national health advocacy organizations with the tools, resources, and teamwork they need to transform their organizations. From this, these organizations will be able to take greater strides towards health equity and racial justice.

Training objectives include:

Unlike other fellowship programs that recruit individuals for leadership development, the Fellowship will recruit teams from within organizations who will participate collaboratively and other teams in all programming. It will provide intensive coaching and funding for select local, state, and national health advocacy organizations for nine months. Fellowship teams will define and pursue an organizational transformation goal with the support of coaching, training, and seminars delivered by outstanding faculty members.

This Fellowship has an explicit emphasis on addressing the historically discriminatory roots of the health care system and seeks to help eradicate structural racism by diversifying and strengthening the health justice movement's leadership. Its focus on teams of organizational leaders, rather than on one leader, is unique and is meant to accelerate and sustain organizational change. In addition, our targeted focus is on funding organizations of color and subsequently leaders of color. The Fellowship’s framework concentrates on four overlapping areas that reflect Rob’s values, respond to advocates' needs in the field, and complement Community Catalyst’s existing work.


The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship will select three organizational teams, to consist of three people per team. The participating organizations will receive the following benefits:

Application Overview

The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship will accept applications from teams within Community Catalyst’s local, state, and national advocacy network dedicated to pursuing a specific organizational transformation and deepening their practice towards health equity and racial justice.

As part of their application, teams will need to submit at least one proposal for an organizational transformation goal they wish to pursue through their Fellowship, rooted in the Fellowship’s framework:

The application process has four phases:

Eligibility Criteria Include

Selection Criteria


Key 2021 Dates:

Stipulated Use of Grant Funds

The Fellowship will grant $50,000 of a general operating grant to your home organization to be used over nine months only to defray costs of participation and/or to fund organizational transformation activity.

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