Protect Our Care

Over the past eight years, our country has made tremendous strides in making health care better and more affordable for working families through the Affordable Care Act and other measures. Now, under our current administration and congressional leadership that progress is in jeopardy.

Our health and health care are under seige.

Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump have made it their first order of business to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would take health care away from 30 million people, increase health care costs for millions more and undermine critical consumer protections.

Community Catalyst is fighting back. As part of the ‘Protect Our Care’ coalition, we are working with a wide array of national and state-based organizations to ensure people understand the damage that repeal of the ACA and harmful changes to the Medicaid program would cause.

What is at stake?

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act would:

Who Stands to Lose?

Millions of lives are on the line – especially those who are often marginalized: frail older adults, people of color, low-income families, people with disabilities, people with substance use disorders and LGBTQ+ people.

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