Hospital Accountability Project

The Hospital Accountability Project helps community-based organizations, consumer advocates and others working with vulnerable communities to analyze hospital and public policies on financial assistance (charity care), billing and debt collection, and community benefit. We help these groups develop effective strategies for engaging hospitals, public health leaders, strategic allies, and policymakers on areas ripe for change and lift up promising practices that address ongoing barriers to care and promote community engagement for vulnerable populations.

Hospitals play vital roles in their communities as health care providers, employers, major purchasers of goods and services, and powerful stakeholders with vested interests in public policy development at all levels of government. Because of this, they can be critical partners and allies in moving policy initiatives that improve access to care and create the conditions that are necessary for thriving, healthy communities.

So, how can consumer advocates and community organizations work more effectively with hospitals? What is the right response when hospitals erect barriers to care, seem disinterested in the community’s priorities, or actively oppose community-identified solutions to problems? Conversely, how can we learn from innovative hospitals that actively engage and help to build stronger communities so that these stories become the rule, rather than the exception? The Hospital Accountability Project helps community organizations, advocates and others answer these questions. Our current priorities include:

We do this through a variety of approaches:

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