Letter of Interest (LOI) Solicitation

An Initiative of Community Catalyst

Dental therapists have been practicing in the U.S. for over 15 years and the evidence is clear: adding dental therapists to the dental team is a safe and effective way to improve both access to care and patient health outcomes. Despite the evidence, many communities are still unaware of the potential these providers offer. Community Catalyst’s Dental Therapy Project works to expand awareness and broad support for this a community-driven, community-informed policy option.

The intent of the Community Engagement, Education and Visibility Grant Program is to increase community leaders’, stakeholders’ and/or policymakers’ knowledge and understanding about the role dental therapists are playing in increasing access to culturally competent care, diversifying the oral health workforce, and improving patients’ health outcomes. Both new and existing projects are eligible for this grant program but projects focused primarily on implementation of existing laws will not be funded.

Please address each of the sections below in no more than five pagesdouble-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman or equivalent font. As few as two pages is acceptable.

1. Project Summary

Provide a short paragraph that highlights the goal and overarching strategies of your proposed project. Succinctly state your vision of success: what will occur if your project is successful?

2. Why dental therapy?  

Briefly describe, from your perspective, why dental therapy should be considered as part of the policy/program options to meet the needs of your community or communities near you and why this a priority for your organization.

3. The Proposed Project

Provide a description of the project you are proposing, including:

4. Your Experience

Please briefly describe the following:


Timeline – Key Dates

Priority will be given to groups that meet deadlines but LOIs will be accepted as long at funding is available.

The maximum grant period will run July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 but shorter projects will also be considered.


Community Catalyst will provide grants up to $75,000 and up to one year in length.

Eligibility to Apply for Funding 

There is an open submission process for LOI. Selected organizations will be invited to submit a full proposal based on LOIs. Both organizations new to dental therapy and those with previous work on the topic are invited to apply. Multiple organizations can apply in collaboration. One applicant organization must assume fiscal and overall responsibility for the project and must meet certain eligibility criteria. The applicant organization must:

Selection Criteria

The primary criteria we will use to evaluate LOIs and proposals are:

Use of Grant Funds

Grant funds may be used for project staff salaries, consultant fees, data collection and analysis, meetings, supplies, activities related to fundraising and development, project-related travel, and other direct project expenses including a limited amount of equipment essential to the project. Grants funds cannot be used to support lobbying.

How to Apply

LOIs for this solicitation must be submitted electronically to Laura Hale at with a subject line that contains “CEEVGP LOI Submission.” No hard copy materials will be accepted as part of your submission. Applicants are encouraged to send questions to Laura Hale at


Additional questions may be answered in the FAQ document. If you still have outstanding questions after reviewing the document, please reach out to Laura Hale at

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