Community Solutions for Health Equity (CSHE)

Community Solutions for Health Equity seeks to make local health care systems more responsive to the needs of the community by elevating the voices, stories, and priorities of people who deserve a seat at the table. Consumer groups and community-based organizations bring a deep understanding of how to take on a challenge, but racism and bias often shut them out of the policymaking process. The stories and priorities of people of color and those who are underrepresented can help shape more responsive policies.

Led by Community Catalyst with funding support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this grant program will provide grassroots organizations with resources needed to increase their ability to organize members, build partnerships with other constituencies, and develop effective communication—all of which are critical to shared decision making.

By the time the three-year program ends, grantees will be able to identify and assess the challenge involving the health care system in their community and to examine the policy and work collectively to develop recommendations for policy change. Grantees will also develop a strategic campaign to drive their community’s health agenda.

For more information about grantee requirements, please visit CSHE's networking website.

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