Arizona Alliance of Community Health Centers

Valle del Sol

Children's Action Alliance

Children’s Action Alliance (CAA) seeks to influence policies and decisions affecting the lives of Arizona children and their families on issues related to health, child abuse and neglect, early care and education, budget and taxes, juvenile justice, children and immigration, and working families.


Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI) is a statewide, non-partisan, non-profit coalition of organizational and individual members, representing well over 500,000 Coloradans. CCHI acts as a representative of the policy and advocacy priorities of our members at the legislature and in the community to influence and shape effective health care policy on behalf of consumers.


Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Health Equity Solutions

Health Equity Solutions is a Connecticut organization that seeks to promote policies, programs, and practices that result in equitable health care access, delivery, and outcomes for all people in Connecticut.

Connecticut Voices for Children

The mission of Connecticut Voices for Children is to promote the well-being of all of Connecticut's young people and their families by advocating for strategic public investments and wise public policies. Connecticut Voices for Children advances its mission through high quality research and analysis, strategic communications, citizen education, and development of the next generation of advocates.


Florida CHAIN

Florida CHAIN is a statewide consumer health advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health of all Floridians by promoting access to affordable, quality health care. Florida CHAIN fulfills the critical role of building the capacities for and linking consumer, community and service organizations with health care advocacy. They provide policy education, collaborative networking, training, and communications and organizing tools to the public, allied partners, media and policy makers.


Maine Children's Alliance

The Maine Children’s Alliance (MCA) is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of Maine’s children, youth and families.

Consumers for Affordable Health Care

Consumers for Affordable Health Care is a Maine advocacy organization that strives to ensure a strong consumer voice in decision making at all levels and in all forums in order to advocate for a consumer-oriented health system in Maine and the United States.

Maine Equal Justice Partners

Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) is a nonprofit legal aid provider, whose mission is to find solutions to poverty and improve the lives of people with low income in Maine. MEJP focuses its work on many of the issues that affect people’s daily lives – access to adequate health care, food and income security, supports for working families, and higher education and training opportunities.


Health Care for All Massachusetts

Health Care For All (HCFA), the Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA), the Massachusetts Senior Action Council (MSAC) and Men of Color Health Awareness (MOCHA) have formed a health justice organizing collaborative focused on existing constituencies and new organizations, immigrant communities, older adults, and people of color from across the state. HCFA and partners will engage community members in training and advocacy to advance policies that seek to make health care more affordable. These policies include: 1) Increasing health care affordability for low-income seniors by expanding Medicare Savings Program eligibility; 2) Reducing out-of-pocket expenses and premiums for individuals with private health insurance; and 3) Ensuring that affordable health care options are available to all residents regardless of immigration status.

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) is a statewide non-profit legal services organization whose mission is to advance economic, racial and social justice through legal action, education and advocacy.

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of children through direct services to children and families and public advocacy on their behalf.

New Hampshire

NH Children's Behavioral Health Collaborative

New Futures

New Futures is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates, educates and collaborates to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug problems in New Hampshire. New Futures envisions a State and local communities where public policies support prevention, treatments and recovery oriented efforts to reduce substance misuse problems.

Children's Alliance of New Hampshire

The Children's Alliance of New Hampshire promotes policies and practices that enable all children to lead healthy and productive lives and to reach their full potential.

North Carolina


NC Child

NC Child advances public policies that improve the lives of North Carolina’s children. We work statewide to ensure that all children are healthy, safe, well-educated, and economically secure by engaging communities, and informing and influencing decision-makers.

Rhode Island

Economic Policy Institute

The Economic Progress Institute works to promote economic security for low- and modest-income Rhode Islanders and ensure tax policies are equitable and adequate to fund public services. We accomplish this through research, policy analysis, education and advocacy.

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT

The mission of Rhode Island KIDS COUNT is to improve the health, safety, education, economic security, and development of Rhode Island's children. Through the Roadmaps to Health Community Grants program Rhode Island KIDS COUNT and its partners are advocating for increasing funding for public pre-k through the education funding formula, for the expansion of full-day kindergarten, for the development of early warning systems to identify students at risk of dropping out of high school, for implementation of a more rigorous high school curriculum, and for increased support for students applying to colleges and universities.

Rhode Island Parent Information Network

Rhode Island Parent Information Network's mission is to assist individuals, parents, families and children to achieve their goals for health, educational, and socio-economic well being by providing information, education, training, support and advocacy for person/family centered care and systems change.


Vermont Family Network

The mission of the Vermont Family Network is to empower and support all Vermont families of children with special needs, with the vision that all Vermont families can help their children reach their potential.

Voices for Vermont's Children

Voices for Vermont's Children's mission is to promote public policy that enhances the lives of children and youth in Vermont.


The common mission of VPIRG is to promote and protect the health of Vermont’s people, environment and locally-based economy by informing and mobilizing citizens statewide.


Voices for Virginia’s Children

Voices for Virginia’s Children is a statewide, privately funded, non-partisan policy research and advocacy organization that champions policies and practices that improve the lives of children. A recognized leader in child advocacy, Voices advances our initiatives by conducting research, developing policies and supporting materials, leading issue campaigns and coalitions, and generating a groundswell of support statewide for positive children’s policy in Virginia

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Our Impact

The children’s health team at Community Catalyst worked with advocates in Arizona to successfully re-instate KidsCare, the state’s CHIP program that had been inactive for six years. With our strategic campaign and coalition support, advocates were able to pass a bill re-activating KidsCare, which was signed into law in May of 2016. Arizona had been the only state in the country without an active CHIP program, and the re-instatement of KidsCare extended eligibility to more than 30,000 children from low-income families.


Launched in 2006, the New England Alliance for Children’s Health (NEACH) is an initiative of Community Catalyst dedicated to improving children’s health in the New England region. NEACH is a broad coalition of New England-based health care and child advocates, health care providers, legal experts, business leaders, and consumers dedicated to promoting access to high-quality, affordable health care for all children. The coalition continues to work together to influence health policy in the region and make the health care system more responsive to the needs of children.