Tackling Health Disparities in the Aging Population

With April being National Minority Health Month, the time is now to stand against the barriers that create the social, health and economic disparities experienced by older adults – a population that is becoming more and more diverse.

Let's Help Medicaid Nurture Innovation

Everywhere you look these days, more initiatives are sprouting to improve the health system. Medicaid is no exception, it is a program willing and able to help states lead the way toward more effective and efficient care.

Two More States Moving Toward Adding Dental Therapists to Care Team

Over the last few weeks, we have seen significant progress across the country for community-driven efforts to improve access to dental care by adding dental therapists to the dental team.

Campaigning for Quality

Maryland is implementing innovative changes to how hospitals are paid. At the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, we believe consumer involvement will be essential to achieving the goals of lower costs and better quality care.

An Open Letter: Dear Governor, Protect Coverage

As you continue budget conversations with your state legislature, state consumer health advocates urge you to protect health insurance coverage programs that help consumers achieve financial stability and good health.

Happy Fifth Birthday, ACA!

The passage of the ACA was a monumental achievement for individuals and organizations across the country. We continue to be incredibly proud of all our state partners who have worked tirelessly to implement the law.

Slow but Steady: Red States Make Progress Closing the Coverage Gap

A few recent headlines suggest that red states stopped making progress on closing the coverage gap, but these headlines don’t accurately describe the coverage gap debate.

States Report that Closing the Coverage Gap is Good for Budgets

The evidence confirming that closing the coverage gap is good for working families and state budgets continues to pile up.

A Tribute to Andy Hyman

Last week the health care justice community lost one of our visionaries and strongest leaders, Andy Hyman.