Payment Reform: Creating a $trong Foundation for Health System Transformation

In a blog two weeks ago, we sketched out a multi-part agenda addressing what Community Catalyst believes are the key areas on which consumer advocates should focus in the midst of the current changes in the organization of health services....

UnitedHealth Feeling the Pain of Being Late to the Party

UnitedHealth’s recent fretting about their plans in ACA marketplaces not boosting their bottom line as much as they had hoped and open pondering of pulling out of marketplaces next year (while actually expanding this year) is disappointing in the attention...

Have You Checked Your State’s Essential Health Benefits Selection Lately? It’s Worth a Look.

This November, Maine is feeling thankful that the ACA is improving coverage for children and adults with autism.

New Coverage is Making a Difference in Kentucky

Two weeks ago, Kentuckians elected a new Governor who has promised time and again to dismantle the state’s health insurance marketplace, known as kynect, and scale back Medicaid expansion through an 1115 waiver.

The Takeaway: Reason Slowly Gaining Ground Over Ideology in Medicaid Debate

Reason Slowly Gaining Ground Over Ideology in Medicaid Debate When the Supreme Court ruled that states were not required to expand Medicaid to cover all poor adults, as originally envisioned by the ACA, it touched off a fierce political struggle...

What Should We Hope To Achieve Through Health System Transformation?

This is the first in a blog series outlining Community Catalyst’s policy priorities for Health System Transformation.

The Takeaway: Mitt’s Moment of Reality, Er, Weakness

Mitt’s Moment of Reality, Er, Weakness, The Dog in the Nighttime—Still Not Barking, Speaking of Dogs…, A few stories that didn’t get much attention, but are worth checking out..

To 1332, or Not to 1332: That is the Question

Much is abuzz with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Section 1332 State Innovation Waivers. Available in 2017, 1332 waivers give states authority to change how people get health coverage. In addition to allowing states to considerably change certain key coverage...

The Takeaway: In Search of a Prescription for Runaway Drug Prices

The problem of runaway prescription drug costs continues to make headlines and bedevil consumers, payers and policy makers.