Trump’s Dystopian Health Care Vision: Budget Continues Three-Year War on Health Security

President Trump released his proposed fiscal year 2021 budget this week, and you can at least give the administration credit for consistency – almost $1 trillion in cuts to the ACA and Medicaid – mirroring the budget request of 2020.

Director's Corner: A Spark of Sun

In “January,” John Updike writes, “The days are short, The sun a spark, Hung thin between the dark and dark.”

The Farce of Flexibility – Lifting the Veil on the Trump Administration’s Plans to Cap Medicaid Funding

This post is one in our series of blog posts on the harmful impacts of Medicaid block grants. On January 30, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued a letter to state Medicaid directors allowing states to cap the...

The Hits Keep on Keeping – Medicaid Expansion Improves Health in the South

A recent study found that Medicaid expansion slowed the rate of self-reported health decline, helped increase Medicaid coverage, and boosted the likelihood of maintaining one’s health in Southern states.

Billions of Opportunities: Health Plan Investment in Affordable Housing and Community Development

In a recent paper, we argue that health plans should consider investing some of their capital in affordable housing and community development.

The Trump Administration’s Latest Proposed Rule Puts People with Disabilities at Risk of Losing Benefits

The Social Security Administration has released a proposed regulation that puts older adults, people with disabilities and people with chronic illnesses at risk of losing crucial benefits, with serious impacts to their health.

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Would Disproportionately Harm LGBTQ+ People and People Living with HIV

Repeal of the ACA could have devastating consequences for the many LGBTQ+ people and PLWH who only have access to life-saving health care through the ACA.

Four Big Reasons We Should Keep Fighting to Protect Roe v. Wade

Today marks the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the historic decision that protects the constitutional right to safe and legal abortion across the country. This year’s commemoration of the anniversary comes at a time of mounting attacks on abortion...

The Health Care Repeal Lawsuit Would Take Away Women’s Health Care. Here’s How.

Millions of women across the United States would lose access to the health care they need if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed.
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