Connecting All the Dots to Address Opioid Abuse

Addiction is once again in the headlines this week. Overdose deaths are galvanizing the National Governors Association (NGA) into action. Representatives of the NGA met with President Obama on Monday following a weekend meeting where members decided on a set...

Using Big Data to Improve Care for Older Adults

This guest blog by Marcus Escobedo, Senior Program Officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation, was originally published February 18 in the foundation’s Health AGEnda blog.

U.S. Task Force Recognizes Critical Need to Address Maternal Depression

In late January, the United States Preventive Services Task Force released its final recommendation statement for adult depression screening.

Consumer Protections: More than Appeals and Grievances

This is the next post in an inaugural blog series outlining the policy priorities of the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, taking a dive into the areas that must be addressed to achieve better care, better value and better health.

The Takeaway: Stonewalling the President's Budget

President Obama released his final budget this week, containing some familiar health care items, as well as some good new ideas, like offering states three years of 100 percent federal financing whenever they elect to close the Medicaid coverage gap.

Report: Proof that a Strong State Advocacy Infrastructure Influences Coverage Gap Decisions

A recent article published by the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) affirms what is at the core of Community Catalyst’s mission: a strong, organized consumer health advocacy movement is critical to moving states to extend health coverage to low-income...

Can I Get an Amen? Successful Collaborations between Hospitals and Faith/Community-Based Organizations

There is increasing acknowledgement nationwide that the social and economic conditions in which people live play an enormous role in health. Clinicians and hospitals cannot make their patients healthier by solely focusing on what happens inside the clinic walls. Rather,...

Medicaid is Growing Up. It’s Time to Go to School.

Thanks to a clarification by CMS regarding the “free care” rule a little over a year ago, schools can be reimbursed for services provided to Medicaid-eligible students. This was a subject of a conference call and toolkit released earlier this...

The Takeaway - Flint: How Did This Happen And What Does It Mean?

Flint: How Did This Happen And What Does It Mean? In my opinion, the biggest health care story of the week is the continued fallout from the lead contamination of the water supply in Flint, Michigan. The Flint crisis underscores...