The Takeaway: Can You Do A Post Mortem On Something That Isn’t Dead?

Now that the clock has run out on the 2017 budget resolution, the Republican drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act and undermine the Medicaid program has hit a pause.

Graham-Cassidy is Worst ACA Repeal Bill for Women Yet

Senate Republicans are once more trying to ram through a bill that would be devastating for women, families and LGBTQ people.

Reversing Course: How the Graham-Cassidy Bill Would Harm Health Equity

Once again, behind closed doors, GOP senators negotiate to jam their last-ditch effort—the Graham-Cassidy bill—to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and slash Medicaid.

Fighting the Latest Threat to Addiction Services and Supports: The Graham-Cassidy Repeal Bill

Here we are again. Another disastrous health care repeal bill is gaining momentum, threatening the progress we’ve made in treating substance use disorders.

Veterans Protected Us, Now We Need to Protect Their Care

As veterans have fought so hard to defend us, we must fight to defend the health coverage they need and deserve.

Zombie Graham-Cassidy Bill Detracts from Bipartisan Efforts to Support Children’s Health

While Senators Hatch (R-UT) and Wyden (D-OR) are working on bipartisan solutions that support children’s access to health insurance, Senators Graham (R-SC) and Cassidy (R-LA) are throwing their energy into bringing Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal back from the dead....

New Research Highlights How People with Cancer Would Be Harmed by Graham-Cassidy

New research underscores the health benefits of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion. A study from the Journal of Clinical Oncology found states that expanded Medicaid saw a meaningful increase in cancer patients who were diagnosed in the early...

In-Person Assistance Slashed Across Country: Consumers in South and Midwest Hit the Hardest

On Thursday, September 14, the Trump Administration dealt many Navigator programs across the country a lethal blow by sending funding announcements, many with substantial cuts, to the organizations that provide in-person assistance to consumers in federally facilitated marketplaces (FFMs). This...

Director's Corner: Research Roundup - Patient Engagement Pitfalls and Possibilities

I’m pleased to share two recent articles by our team that were published in the latest issue of The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. The first article, “Perspectives on How to Engage Consumers in Health System Transformation,” suggests that consumers...