Innovation Continues, For Better or Worse, Despite Congressional Gridlock

“Public Expects Gridlock” is the headline to a summary of survey findings about what voters expect out of Washington post-midterm elections. The Democrats control the House, Republicans control the Senate and not much of anything will get done inside the...

Dental Therapy: An Alaska Native-Led Solution Improving Access to Care and Oral Health

November is National Native American Heritage Month

HHS Re-approves Kentucky HEALTH Waiver Despite Devastating Coverage Losses

Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) re-approved the Kentucky HEALTH Medicaid Section 1115 application waiver, which imposes harmful changes to Medicaid such as a work requirements.

After the Elections: What’s Next? A Look at Social and Economic Health Determinants

Here are three key ways health care advocates can help the health care system engage proactively on SDOH

The Takeaway: After the Big Sigh of Relief, What’s Next?

At the same time, the election took a serious bite out of the population of red state Democrats in the Senate. While several Democrats won in states carried by President Trump (Brown, Tester, Manchin).

Director’s Corner: Counting Chads – A Post-Election Recap

It’s been over a week since election day, and final counts (and, in some cases, recounts) are still underway. But the broad outlines have come into view: the Senate will remain under Republican control, the Democrats have gained a clear...

Eldercare Voices: Spotlight – Learning to Appreciate Integrated Care to Address Mental Health Needs

Gregg Warshaw, M.D.   The practice of geriatric medicine is characterized by an inter-professional approach. During my career I’ve been fortunate to practice in settings with comprehensive team-based care.  Most recently, for the past three years, I have been working...

Behind the headlines: How support for Medicaid shaped the midterms

Utah, Nebraska and Idaho are the three most obvious illustrations of this phenomenon.

Message from Community Catalyst on the Deadly Attack on the Tree of Life Congregation

Today, we are grieving yet another senseless act of violence, a crime motivated by hatred and carried out in a sacred place of worship.