Director's Corner: Making Better Health and Health Justice a Reality: The Important Role of Advocacy

Last week at Community Catalyst’s Annual Advocates Convening in Atlanta, Center staff, partners and guests had the chance to celebrate the important role that advocacy plays in improving health. While there is no shortage of policy ideas and solutions for...

Bipartisan Opioid Package Would Patch Some Holes in Addiction Services, If Congress Pays the Bill

Amid the animus of the Supreme Court fight, the Senate voted nearly unanimously today to authorize another down payment on the massive investment needed to prevent addiction and build a comprehensive treatment and recovery system.

Infant Mortality: Transforming Awareness Into Action

Infant mortality awareness month is coming to a close, but the work to protect infants and their families must continue. As many are acutely aware, infant mortality is an ongoing crisis in this country and disproportionately affects Black families. The...

Potentially, a Better Approach to Prevent Youth Addiction

When it comes to our young people, many adults miss the warning signs of problematic use of alcohol or drugs, or dismiss them as “youthful experimentation.”

Connecticut Strives for Primacy of Health Equity in Primary Care

Connecticut’s federally funded effort to introduce primary care innovations (through the State Innovation Model or SIM grant) is entering its final years of implementation.

Integrating Care for Kids: A New Model and a Promising Opportunity

This is the first of two blogs on Integrated Care for Kids (InCK). Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on leveraging InCK for substance use prevention.

Why We Had to Take a Stand On Brett Kavanaugh

We have an obligation to say something when we feel like those reforms, and most importantly, the care that families rely on, are in danger.

Back-to-School Checklist: Pencil, Notebooks, Backpack... Health Insurance?

Some children will show up nervous, some will show up excited and others will show up disappointed that summer is over. But, to us, the most important question is, will they show up insured?

What’s At Stake In Trump Promise To Roll Back ACA Nondiscrimination Rule?

The Trump Administration indicated that it intends to roll back or repeal parts of the rule that the Obama administration issued in 2016 implementing Section 1557.