Double Jeopardy for Children with Disabilities

As we face a future that could hold the repeal of the ACA and the emergence of a Department of Education that does not stand up for the civil rights of children with disabilities, I am acutely aware of the lose-lose situation for kids and their families.

Medicaid Innovation Would Flatline Under Block Grants and Per Capita Caps

[Medicaid] has meant many more kids, grandparents and people with chronic health conditions have been able to get the care they need

The Takeaway: The Republican Health Care Bait and Switch

The classic “bait and switch” in the world of retail sales is to entice people with an offer of something good and then switch them to something of either inferior quality, higher price or both.

What LGBT Seniors Stand to Lose in ACA Repeal

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) older adults face many of the same health and aging challenges other older adults face, but more pronounced.

Takeaway Part II: Reality Checking the “Reality Check”

While repeating opposition arguments isn't generally good messaging practice, there are a few other significant problems with the "reality check"

Uncertainty Around ACA Stirs Fear In Immigrant Communities

Following the election of Donald Trump, immigrant communities have grown increasingly anxious about their safety and well-being.

The Takeaway: Paul Ryan's Health Care To-Do List

Let's cut through the fog and look at what the real repeal agenda and its effects would be.

Dually Eligible Beneficiaries Placed in “Double Jeopardy” By Threats to Medicaid and Medicare

Beyond the unfolding rush to repeal the ACA, proposals in favor among Republican congressional leaders and the nominee for HHS Secretary, Rep. Tom Price, would permanently rework the structure and financing of Medicaid...

People with Complex Health Needs Facing a Step Back into the Dark Ages with ACA Repeal

Here's why Republican threats to repeal the ACA should be worrisome to consumers with complex needs and to their providers, caregivers, advocates and collaborators...