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The Insider: Last minute collapse on doc payments, Medicaid and COBRA subsidies a bad omen?

In the lead-up to passing the health reform law, Congress debated what to do about the Medicare physician payment problem.  Under current law, the formula for setting Medicare physician payment rates, known as the Sustainable Growth Rate, or SGR, will imp

The Insider: Proxy War

LINK FIXED Last week, we likened the low-visibility conflicts over regulatory measures to trench warfare. This week, the military metaphor of choice is proxy war. Republicans in the Senate are using the nomination of Dr. Donald Berwick to head the Centers

The AHA and charity care provisions: Against them before they were for them

Last week, we talked about the new requirements in national health reform for nonprofit hospitals to provide and make public charity care as a condition of their federal tax-exempt status: •    Having a written financial assistance policy that clearly sp

The Insider: Trench Warfare

While political and legal attempts to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may draw the most attention, the real success or failure of the law will play out in hundreds of regulatory battles that will take place largely out of the public

The Insider: The Political Ecology of Health Reform Implementation

Throughout the debate on passage, pollsters regularly found that the public wanted a “bipartisan solution” to health reform. Of course, no such solution was forthcoming if by bipartisan we mean something that attracts votes from members of both parties. A

The Insider: Repeal Watch

With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Friends? As they tried to regain their footing after the surprise Senate election of Scott Brown, reformers received an unexpected boost from for-profit insurer Wellpoint. In February, the insurance giant announced it was

The Insider: Implementation Nation

Although the national media spotlight has moved on, the work of health care reform is only beginning. Today we  look at some of the recent developments in Massachusetts—which is sort of a health reform “beta site”—and what they tell us about reform in the

America needs better care!

Health reform is law. The hard work of fixing our health system begins now. That's the message of  Campaign for Better Care, a recently-launched effort to improve health care coordination and quality for people across the country. (Here’s the ad (pdf) tha

The Insider: Repeal vs. reality, PLUS the health reform deciders

Are the worms turning? While cries of repeal are still echoing in some quarters, doubt about the enterprise is beginning to seep through. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) has publicly argued that repeal is not realistic (later clarifying he meant as long as Obam
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