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On This Mother's Day, the Affordable Care Act Keeps Working for Our Children

Having celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom this past weekend, I know that despite leaving home over a decade ago, she’s still always looking out for me. And she is not alone. Moms (and dads, too) across the country are making sure their young adult childr

Save the Exchange!

States around the country have spent the last few months working hard to set up Health Insurance Exchanges – competitive health insurance marketplaces that help people compare and enroll in quality health insurance. However, over at the U.S. House of Repr

In Washington and Beyond, It’s Go Time for Keeping Hospital Patients Safe

“[The doctor] literally grabbed me by the hand and took me out into the hallway. He said, 'Your mother is very sick. Her health is failing.' I said, 'Sir, it’s not her blood levels. It’s whatever she has caught in this hospital.' He said to me, 'Look, do

A Tale of Two Deficit Reduction Approaches

In his speech on Wednesday, President Obama laid out his plan for deficit reduction, and last week, Congressional Republicans released their 2012 budget proposal. Both plans reduce federal expenditures on Medicare and Medicaid, but they take strikingly di

Protecting Prevention Funding Is Key to Controlling Health Costs

As House Republicans hammered away this week at federal spending, they took another whack at the Prevention and Public Health Fund. But if their goal is really saving money, they just hit their thumb instead of the proverbial nail. The Affordable Care Act

Obama's Speech Today: A Listeners Guide for Health Care Advocates

Later today when the President speaks about the national debt, what should health care advocates be expecting and hoping to hear? Given that long-term projections of rising public debt rest almost entirely on growth in health spending, we should expect at

A Government Shutdown of Women’s Health?

Since the new Congress came to Washington DC some Republicans in the House have been very concerned with women’s health care; however, not necessarily in a good way. In the last few months, the House Leadership has tried to eliminate funding for Title X,

Sliding further down a slippery slope: Congress weakens ACA affordability protections again

Earlier today, Congress approved a bill that reduces paperwork requirements on small businesses by repealing what’s known as the enhanced 1099 reporting requirements passed as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA.) Congress paid for this change by weakeni

An unexpected win for consumers at NAIC

There’s been lots of drama at this year’s first meeting of the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) in Austin, TX - way more than any of us consumer representatives to the NAIC expected. The good news, as you may have heard by now, is th