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Federal money well spent: grants to save money by promoting community health

All across the country, health officials are boasting about new federal grants, awarded yesterday, that will help them save money by improving the health of Americans. More than $100 million in Community Transformation Grants went to projects in 36 state

Following the Leaders: How Some Hospitals Use Community Benefit Programs to Address Health Equity

We’ve used this space to talk at some length about the shortcomings that follow from our “patchwork quilt” of state and federal standards for community benefit. Today, we’re taking a detour to talk about what’s right with community benefit—specifically, s

New National Legislation to Advance Health Equity

A bill filed in Congress yesterday provides hundreds of tools to address the disgraceful health disparities that plague our communities and deprive so many people of color of long, healthy lives. The Health Equity and Accountability Act of 2011 (HEAA) was

Help Shape Health Equity Work

Consumer advocates have a new opportunity to influence regional work to strengthen health equity. This is your chance to make a difference! The Office of Minority Health in the federal Department of Health and Human Services is seeking nominations for 10

Cross-Post: A Disappointing Rollback of Consumer Protections on Appeals

June 23, 2011 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) established many consumer protections, but it was only the first step.  As decisions are made about implementation and regulations, the need for consumer engagement is critical. As an example of where protection

Protecting Prevention Funding Is Key to Controlling Health Costs

As House Republicans hammered away this week at federal spending, they took another whack at the Prevention and Public Health Fund. But if their goal is really saving money, they just hit their thumb instead of the proverbial nail. The Affordable Care Act

Toward Better Health for People of Color

Focusing unprecedented federal attention on the barriers to good health for people of color, the US Department of Health and Human Services unveiled a two-part plan today of federal and community strategies designed to move the nation toward health equity

The grants are coming! The grants are coming!

Word came last week from the Obama administration that the Community Transformation Grant program will begin “very soon,” despite the discussion of federal budget freezes. Speaking at the Families USA Health Action conference, an official said the adminis

Prevention Fund Saved!

Through the collective efforts of advocates of many different stripes across the country, we staved off an attempt yesterday to gut the new Prevention and Public Health Fund, a critical part of national health reform. An amendment from U.S. Senator Mike J
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