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Treating Kids Pays

Last week the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) made headlines with the announcement of a proposed rule that would increase payment rates for primary care physicians serving Medicaid patients. The rule would bring Medicaid primary care service

States of Innovation 4

Medical Homes: Local Focus, Better Health As policymakers across the country look to balance their budgets, some are turning to Medicaid, recycling the same harmful policies they’ve used year-after-year: eliminating coverage for vulnerable Americans, res

I Love MamaCare!

This is a guest post from Raising Women’s Voices. This weekend not only marks a time where we will be celebrating Moms, but it marks the launch of a campaign celebrating everything the Affordable Care Act does for the health of mothers and children, “I Lo

Have you thanked a nurse this week? If you haven’t, you should.

Many of us take for granted the high quality care that nurses provide. Most likely, you have seen a nurse in your physician’s office, a retail clinic, in a hospital setting or even an outpatient clinic just to name a few. Every day they work to address ou

The Prevention Fund is Under Attack -- Again!

Would you rather be healthy or have affordable education? That’s the false choice House Republicans are trying to force us to consider by pitting higher education against health. Last Friday House Republicans joined others in supporting the Interest Rate

Guest Blog: The Debt Collector Will See You Now

This entry was originally posted on The Shriver Brief. When patients seek emergency medical treatment, they expect to speak to doctors and nurses—not debt collectors. But hundreds of documents released last week by the Minnesota attorney general reveal th

The Shout Out Goes To…(drumroll please!)

State Advocates Who Participated in Our ACA Anniversary Challenge! This March we called on advocates across the country to participate in our Affordable Care Act Anniversary Challenge, a contest designed to celebrate the successes of health reform. The go

Health Equity Can't Wait: Guest Blog: Why Are Women of Color Still Dying in Childbirth?

Community Catalyst is proudly taking part in the Health Equity Can’t Wait! blog carnival celebrating National Minority Health Month. Participating bloggers are health, consumer, civil rights, and provider advocates committed to promoting health equity. Yo

The Insider: ACA opponents are counting their chickens too soon (and even if they win, they lose)

Pouring over the entrails Like ancient soothsayers seeking to read the future from the condition of the liver of an animal sacrifice, the political and policy addicts are picking through the transcripts of the oral arguments at the Supreme Court trying to