The Restuccia Leadership Fund

Achieving a powerful health care advocacy movement requires a greater emphasis on collaboration and coordination among consumer groups and industry stakeholders. It cannot be about turf. It must be about justice. —Rob Restuccia

Rob Restuccia

The Restuccia Leadership Fund will be dedicated to advancing Rob’s vision for a vital and cohesive health care advocacy movement. Contributions to the Restuccia Leadership Fund will be used to build and launch the Rob Restuccia Health Justice Organizational Fellowship. In keeping with Rob’s lifelong commitment, the program will focus on strengthening health care advocacy organizations around the country and will address the deep inequities in the health care system.

Rob built Community Catalyst into one of the most respected and effective consumer advocacy organizations in the country. Under his leadership, Community Catalyst established an impressive track record of working with national, state and local partners to achieve health care reforms in more than 40 states and at the federal level. During his tenure, Community Catalyst led successful national campaigns to expand children’s health coverage, curb conflicts of interests created by pharmaceutical marketing, protect consumer interests in hospital and insurer conversions, strengthen hospital community benefits and protect Medicaid from federal and state budget cuts.

Thank you from all of us at Community Catalyst for recognizing Rob for his countless accomplishments, generous spirit, and friendship.

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