Mission & Values


Community Catalyst's mission is to organize and sustain a powerful consumer voice to ensure that all individuals and communities can influence the local, state and national decisions that affect their health.

Our Values

Empowerment: We seek to enhance the impact and build the power of state and local leaders and communities engaged in health advocacy, particularly those that are - or that represent – the most vulnerable and underserved constituencies. We do this by educating individuals and groups about the health system, and by providing our partners with the tools and support they need to make the strategic and tactical decisions necessary to achieve their goals.
Pragmatism: We believe there are opportunities at every level to achieve a more accountable health care system and more rational policies through consumer and community activism. We believe those opportunities must be seized wherever and whenever they are found. Local victories strengthen work in other communities, and achievements in one state serve as models and buoy the efforts of advocates in other states. Linking consumer advocates together to share information and strategies is essential in order to translate incremental change to larger-scale state or federal policy response. 
Diversity: We seek to build a movement that is led by and responsive to the needs of diverse individuals and communities. Those most at risk under our current health system are disproportionately poor and members of racial, ethnic and cultural minorities. Their active engagement is critical to a strong movement. We strongly promote this value to our local partners.
Collaboration: Building a strong and effective health care justice movement is something that no group can do by itself. In working with other organizations, we try always to emphasize the things that unite us rather than the differences. We strive to avoid engaging in competition with allies and to avoid focusing on our own narrow organizational interests. We try to serve as a role model for other groups through our willingness to listen and to share information and resources.   
 The ability to work effectively to protect consumer interests in a rapidly changing health care environment requires innovation, creativity, and the ability to rapidly assimilate new ideas and information. We are willing to question the "common wisdom” and to challenge assumptions – our own and our colleagues' – as we develop solutions. Our work environment supports and facilitates this kind of learning.

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